I’ve always been experimental with my hair. When I was 13 I started dying my hair black, before moving on to red. I loved the way that previously I just had dark brown hair, but with a box of dye from Boots I could totally redefine myself.

For years however, I craved to be more daring with my hair colour. But that would require bleach. I was scared of bleaching my hair. So many people told me how ridiculously damaged it would get. But finally, in about february or march, I bit the bullet. I bleached my hair with a self bleaching kit and attempted to dye it lilac. It turned out pretty bad, but hey, I did it, and my hair didn’t fall out. I then got an amazing dye job at Bleach London. Since then I’ve gone back to brunette with blonde dip dye (which really fucked my ends over!!) before really missing bright hair and bleaching it yet again last month and dying it purple/blue.

Since then, I’ve realised that having bright colourful hair is awesome, but it’s also awfully high maintenence. My hair keeps fading to odd colours and since I last bleached it I’ve had to dye it 4 times. Plus, it’s in ok condition, but that’s only because I make sure it stays in ok condition. It could definitely be in better nick!

But despite it all, I still love it. Despite the fact my ‘purple’ dye keeps going blue, I’ve just sort of embraced it! But how do I keep it sleek and shiny and in good nick? Here are my tips for bleached, dyed, and abused hair. I’m no hairdresser, but after years of putting my hair through lots of torture I still know what works!

  1. Wash it in cold water – Ok this is kind of not nice I know. If your hair is just bleached or not dyed a really vibrant colour, this isn’t so neccessary, however if you’ve got a funky, bright colour on your head and you want to maintain it, cold water is essential. It will last SO much longer. So unless you want to be dying it every week I really recomend doing this. It’s not ideal, especially not in the winter, but it prevents a lot of the dye running. What I do is put my shower on as cold as I can stand and wash and condition, then as soon as I’m finished put the temperature right back up to warm up before hopping out! The good thing about cold water is it is more time efficient. You will of never washed your hair quicker!!
  2. Use deep conditioner once a week – mmm deep conditioner. Yum. It’s like an indulgent moisterusing massage for your hair. My favourite deep conditioners is James Brown London Intensive Mask and Bleach Reincarnation Mask Leave them on for a good 10 – 20 minutes before rinsing off. The thing I love about the James Brown one is you can use it on dry hair, as well as wet hair, so I sometimes use it in between washes. It makes my hair feel so silky smooth! Deep conditioning your hair will give it that tender love it needs.
  3. Always use protection – When it comes to drying your hair and using heated products, make sure you put on some heat protective spray. This is a no-brainer for all hair, but when your hair is already super damaged from bleach, it’s all the more neccessary. I like Aussie Take The Heat Leave In Spray.
  4. Don’t feel the need to wash it every other day – if you can go a few days without washing it, do so. It sounds gross to some, but if you don’t need to do it, don’t. The colour won’t last. Plus washing your hair too regularly strips it of regular oils. If you’re not planning a hot date or anything, just spray it with some dry shampoo. Good. To. Go.
  5. When you do dye it again… leave it on for forever – Ok, not literally forever. But most semi-permanant dyes will say to leave it on for half an hour. Don’t. Leave it on for 2 hours. It will make your hair really vibrant. The brilliant thing about semi-permanant dyes is they are very conditioning and won’t damage your hair. When it comes to dyes, my favourites are Manic Panic and Crazy Colour. I’m yet to try Directions, but they are another firm fave amongst the bright haired fans.

If you’re unsure whether to bite the bullet and dye your hair a crazy colour, my advice is just do it! As long as it won’t get you sacked from your job. Life is too short and having bright hair is so much fun. Yes, you have to take care to maintain it, but I am the most low-maintenence person ever – like, when my roots went turqouise I just shrugged it off. If I can manage to take care of my hair then so can you. Plus, it’s not even expensive. You don’t need tonnes of product. All you need is a really good conditioner, and some decent hair protective spray. I’m so not in to saying that you need 500 bottles of whatever the latest fad is. No way. That goes for skin, hair, whatever.

If you’re wondering whether to bleach your hair, again I say just go for it! Analyse the condition it’s in. If it’s really severely damaged, then maybe try to get good hair quality back before wacking bleach on. But it really has never been easier to do it yourself. Live boldly and brightly. And if you dye your hair pink and hate it, you can always fix it. It’s only hair!