The other day I wrote about what 2013 had taught me. And now it’s all onwards and upwards, as 2014 has truly started. I had an amazing new years. I had a house party and got to spend it with my friends, listening to good music, having hilarious conversations, and taking a lot of photos. I also got to kiss every single one of my guests at midnight. It felt so much more special than just going out to a club, paying an extortionate amount to get in, and barely realising when midnight is. Plus, instead of Auld Lang Syne, we had You Got The Love. It was perfect. And now here we are, in 2014. Everyone has made their resolutions and is feeling all excited about what they can achieve. To be honest, I’ve spent 2014 thus far being incredibly lazy, still slowly getting over NYE. I hope it isn’t start as you mean to go on!! Because I don’t want to be lazy this year. Like most other people, I want to be ambitious, productive, and achieve a lot. And I hope I can. I don’t have many ‘resolutions’ as such. I don’t want to ‘start’ getting fit because that’s already a part of my lifestyle. I already love the gym and eat healthy. I don’t want to give up my vices because I bloody love my vices. I do have a couple of resolutions though… things that I want to start doing or do more of because it will make me feel better. I want to adopt a decent skincare routine, learn different ways to do my makeup, film more aspects of my life, really get into my photography and my surfing, and keep learning, striving, and moving forward. I also want to make this blog something I can be proud of, and keep looking out for more projects. I want to not be afraid to get involved in new things, and not be afraid of failure, or of getting back up when I do fail.

On top of that, there’s also plenty of opportunities that await me in 2014 which I want to make the most of. I want to utilise what I learnt in 2013 in 2014, to make the most of it. I don’t want it to ‘just be another year’. Thats the problem with many people’s attitudes. They see NYE as just another night and 2014 as just another year, and yes in many ways they are right. Who is to say that anything will change? Who is to say that any of this is important? At the end of the day, it is just the passing of time. Which is constant. Time is passing right now. But just because that is a fact, it doesn’t mean that attitude has to be taken. In fact, new years can remind us of that passing of time, and remind us that time is precious. But instead of worrying about missed opportunities, we must face the future year and grab the potential opportunities. Looking too far in advance can make us feel lost, like none of it’s real. But looking at a year makes it seem real. If we really force ourselves to achieve stuff and do things and be what we want to be within 2014, then we can. And there is no better start to it than now. 

For me, 2014 is going to have a lot in store. This is the year I turn 21 and the year I graduate, which is a big deal. It’s also the year I’m going travelling on my own, and the year I will get to see the city I’ve always wanted to visit (NYC) with my best friend, and my Mum. Plus, there is loads of other fun and exciting things in store. This year I will do all these things and more. I will force myself to do more. To be more. Because why not? This isn’t about it being another year. It’s about the opportunities. And while I’ve been avoiding facing up to this fact, it’s also about doing the stuff I don’t want to do, but need to do. Lately I’ve been so unmotivated with uni work, but this is it now, this is the final push, so for the next few months I really need to throw myself into my uni work, try really hard on my essays, projects, and of course, my dissertation. It’s easy to avoid, but if I really push myself, I can achieve something I can be proud of. I can get a decent degree in a subject I’m passionate about, and graduate in a city I adore with amazing friends. And I need to remember that to keep me going.

Think about what you want, and need, to achieve in 2014. And go and make it happen.