In my last post I talked about 2014 and what that meant for me and about new years resolutions. Today I realised there is loads I have not thought about. I realised that there is all this talk about self improvement but that a lot of the time self improvement isn’t down to the big things like graduating or learning a new skill – even though these big things of course shape us – but about the little things. I realised that I am wasting a lot of time because there are so many little things I could do which could greatly improve my life. Namely the following three things sprang to mind: 

1. Improve my flexibility and Balance

I’m already pretty flexible, however anything can always be improved upon and I want to be MORE flexible and be able to really stretch my body in the way it was designed. But on top of this, it’s also essential I start practicing every day because it’s surprising how easy it is to stiffen up. I haven’t been to a yoga class in weeks, but what’s worse is I haven’t practiced in my own time at all when really taking the time to practice a few poses or breathing shouldn’t be that difficult. As such places like my hamstrings and my hip-flexors are a lot tighter than they were a few weeks ago. This isn’t just about competition or being able to get my body into incredible positions. It’s about my day to day health. We do not have our health forever and it’s important to value it.

On top of flexibility, I also really need to improve my balance. Of course, balance often comes down to mind over matter. If you’re distracted and don’t give yourself time to centre yourself mentally, you will not have good balance in any physical endeavour. However, my balance really can be terrible. Earlier I exercised for the first time since just after Christmas (shocker) and when stretching I found it so difficult balancing on one leg! I’m going to practice my Tree Pose every day to try to improve my balance. Which sort of brings me to my next point

2. Meditate more. 

Meditation is so good for the mind, the body, and the soul. I love meditation. After I’ve meditated I feel like I’ve been reborn. I feel revitalised and like all of my stresses and worries have melted away. Yet I don’t actually meditate that often. And I don’t know why I don’t. I could meditate every day. 

The mental effort you need to improve balance is kind of like meditation, so I feel like if I practice my tree pose every day it gives me an opportunity to both improve my balance and allows me to meditate and re-centre myself spiritually. Which is perfect. I’m not going to make a third point out of this because it really ties the first two together but all in all I want to make sure I am practicing my yoga almost every day. I love yoga and I shouldn’t feel that I can only practice in class, or that I need to practice for an hour, or that I need guidance. My guide is myself and if I want to get the true benefits from yoga, I need to try to practice it in some way shape or form as much as I possibly can. 


3. Start scheduling 

I am so shit at scheduling. Unless it’s scheduling something fun. But when it comes to getting shit done, count me out. I need to start writing stuff down and timetabling in stuff, whether it’s to do with uni work, keeping fit, or posting in my blog. I can’t keep bouncing through life without any sort of plan. I’m starting to realise that when it comes to grabbing the things I really desire, I need a plan. I was going to buy myself a new notebook, but then I realised I do this a lot. I see buying something new as a way to ensure i stick to goals, but that doesn’t necessarily work. I have my iPad which is as good a tool as any for organisation.

Having said that, if there are any really decent notebooks/diarys or apps for ipads on the market that can help with organisational skills, then please let me know! It would be really helpful!


So there you have it. Of course there are other little things that I need to ensure I do too, such as start saving and budgeting and basically being more careful with money, make sure I nurture this blog more, start practicing gratitude (I’m thinking about writing a weekly gratitude list) and ensure I practice my photography. But these are the things I really want to do because I feel they will totally benefit my life. The first two will benefit me physically, spiritually and mentally, while the third will ensure I am more productive. Life isn’t all about productivity, but despite being an ambitious person naturally, I do often lack in productivity skills. 

What are the little things you want to do more of/take on board this year? Let me know in the comments. Remember, self-improvement and reaching your dreams is not just about the big, bold ideas, but also about the littlest of steps. It’s easy to get caught up in the splendour of big plans, but don’t allow yourself to forget all the little details either.