A while ago I was making some chickpea patties and I came across a recipe for a curried onion topping. I had curry paste in the fridge so I decided to try it out. OMG I died and went to heaven.


Anyway now I’m obsessed. They are the perfect topping for meat or fish (or Quorn, if you’re a veggie like me), a side dish, or as part of a tapas. They are so quick and easy to make, and a great way to add flavour, spice, and versatility to otherwise bland dishes.


Slice some onions, I personally prefer red onions as they are so full of flavour and add colour to your dish, but white onions will also do.

Then, after heating some oil in a frying pan, fry the onions off for a minute or two until they start to brown and soften


Then simply add your blob of curry paste! I’ve gone for thai green curry paste, but any will do.

Stir in the curry paste until all the onions are covered and fried. Be warned, this may burn your eyes!


After the onions are all covered in paste, you’re done! Simply serve up. I’ve put mine on top of some fried Quorn chicken fillets. Yum.