So, I wasn’t totally enamoured with Sydney (Sorry Sydney boys and girls!!) but that’s not to say there wasn’t some parts of the city I totally loved. One of my favourite days in the city was New Years Day.

In the evening, Chris and I went to posh Indian Restaurant Aki’s, which was incredible. And in the day we burnt off the calories we would end up consuming that night with the famous Bondi to Coogee coastal walk.

We walked from Bondi Junction to the beach, because just like Christmas day, the queues for the bus to the beach were huge. And no wonder. It was a gorgeous, sunny, hot day. A perfect day to be outside and take photos.

Walking to the beach was nice, seeing the city unfold into suburbia and then to the beach, with the cute fruit stalls and street art.IMG_1423

Then we got to the beach. It’s no wonder Bondi is so famous. It curves around beautifully, methodically, with the cliffs jutting out and the rock-pools to the side providing solace from the crashing waves. The ocean and the sky blend into one in a blend of blue like a watercolour painting.


The walk to Coogee was longer than we anticipated. It was over 5km and as it was so hot, it took a long time. But that was ok, as we got to absorb the amazing views and fresh sea air, not to mention pump it!! Some locals were running on the path and it was so hot I honestly don’t know how they did it.

IMG_1438 IMG_1460


This wasn’t something that had initially been on my list of things to do in Sydney, but was something Chris wanted to do. I’m so glad we did as it ended up being one of my favourite things. Maybe it was because I missed the Blue Mountains tour and was craving some outdoors time and stunning scenery. Anyway, if you’re not shy to a little bit of walking this is for you. Plus at the end of it you get to chill on the beach.

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