I understand that February is a bit late to be talking about new years resolutions, however in my mind it doesn’t really matter when you make a resolution or take action on it – every day is an opportunity to better yourself and the world around you, to change your life or take up a new habit or hobby.

Plus, my Macbook has been broken for the last few months, and only now am I finally getting the opportunity to blog again!

When we typically think of New Years Resolutions – we think of getting to the gym, losing weight, giving up the booze – all things that are centred around our physical bodies. And whilst a lot of these things can SOUND healthy, a lot of the attitude surrounding it is based on punishment and restriction, and thus, we give up our goals pretty early.

New habits don’t HAVE to purely be centred just around our physical health or things that only affect our own selves however. Why don’t we look to change habits that help not only just us, but also the world around us? 

Which brings me to MY OWN resolution – to reduce my waste, and to begin a journey to live a zero waste lifestyle. At least, as close to one as I can.

This is a topic that first interested me at the end of 2017. I started becoming a lot more conscious of the waste human beings produced and what could be done about it. As a self-proclaimed inner hippy, I’ve always been very conscious about environmental issues. I am a vegetarian and always try to make conscious choices, however I started to realise I wasn’t totally living this lifestyle in the way I thought I had been.

I was still contributing to all the waste that goes to landfills – I was buying one-use plastic bottles, constantly buying new, cheap, throway clothing, drinking from plastic straws in bars, and generally not really thinking about how my habits impact the environment and matter on a global as well as on a local level.

Photo by Justin Hoffman who won Wildlife Photographer of The Year award.

I started to become a bit more ‘woke’ regarding the true impact of waste on our planet, and I’m not the only one. Programmes like Blue Planet 2 which aired before Christmas was a massive wake-up call to most of the nation of how plastic impacts the oceans and our earths health as a whole. Scientists are warning if we don’t make changes now that the impact on our planet will be irreversible. In the wake of this, Mind Body Green has predicted that one of the ‘wellness trends’ of 2018 would be a focus on sustainable living and how we incorporate the planets health as a priority in our lifestyles, as well as our own.

This is around the same time I discovered that actually, an entire movement exists to combat the issues we’re currently faced with. I’d already heard of bloggers like Trash is for Tossers and Zero Waste Home, but now I was starting to learn more about these people, their reasoning, their message, AND most importantly, what they were doing to combat the issue of waste and how they made their sustainable lifestyles manageable.

Armed with this new knowledge, I could no longer justify contributing to waste in this way. I too, want to make the life I lead as eco-friendly and sustainable as I possibly can.

I’m very realistic in my views of what I can achieve – I know I can’t overhaul my whole life in a day, or even in a year. But I can consistently make changes both small, and large, in order to make a difference.

I have already began to make small changes in my life, such as:

  • Buy a reusable water bottle and coffee tumbler
  • Use reusable bamboo straws (shout out to the boyfriend for such a thoughtful Christmas present!)
  • Only buy within my means when it comes to food and roughly plan my meals to avoid food waste – this is something I do anyway, but now I am much more conscious of doing this every time I shop.
  • I’ve started buying food like rice and oats in bulk and storing them in glass mason jars
  • i try to buy as much food as I can with little to no packaging, and when I can I buy food from local, independent, organic stores as opposed to big supermarket chains.
  • I’ve started really considering the way I purchase clothes and how I can repurpose old or damaged bits of clothing
  • I’ve started buying a lot more products – such as skincare products for example – from sustainable brands with natural, organic ingredients.

Lauren Singer, the creator of Trash is for Tossers, from her Instagram page. She fit a whole year’s worth of trash into one jar!!

These are just some of the small changes I’ve made – Of course, when changing the literal habits of a lifetime based on what we’ve considered normal and OK – as well as based on the fact we live in a world where as consumers it’s been so hard to avoid plastic – it will take a while to adjust.

As a small example – I may have to change how and when I food shop, how much dried food I buy in bulk, etc. Even things like buying loo roll covered in plastic has now become a political issue for me, which I never even gave a second thought to this time last year! But I’m excited to learn, to change my lifestyle for something that I consider so important, and I’m excited to share my journey and what I learn along the way on this platform, and hopefully inspire others.

This is not a selfless act – whilst I am making small changes as part of a movement which doesn’t seem to directly affect me, in reality it affects all of us. Climate change is REAL. The world is rapidly changing and unless you’re a total bonehead, it’s no longer deniable. Whilst these small changes we can make can seem futile and may not seem to make a dent, when we all as a collective make small changes, it makes a REAL difference. Not only are we directly reducing the amount of waste in the world, when enough people make these choices then a chain reaction happens. So don’t think that I or you can’t make a difference. It’s quite literally now or never, and I’d rather try my best to make a difference than give up on this earth that has given us all life.

I’m so excited to share my journey with you all. Will you join me?