So today I wanted to blog about something a bit more related to spirituality.

Do you ever have those moments where everything is really flowing? You feel very creative, connected, and sure of yourself. You feel content, driven, and like things are just going your way?

In these moments, you are connected to ‘The Source’. But what happens when you don’t feel like this? Which lets face it, for most of us, is the majority of the time? You feel disconnected, uninspired, and just a bit bogged down. Maybe you feel like your at a block in your life, or your stuck with your creativity, or have little direction. Maybe you keep making really poor decisions or find yourself incapable of making decisions effectively.

But first of all I hear you asking – WTF Is The Source?!

The Source is effectively the source of all energy and life here on earth. People call it many things – Spirit, God, The Universe, Oneness, etc etc. Maybe you have your own term for it. Source energy is basically where everything stems from, and ultimately where our energy returns to.

When we’re in touch with Source, everything feels unbounded and limitless. We feel inspired, creative, totally juicy, and see the true love and beauty and potential in everything and everyone around us, including ourselves. We see our own magic and also recognise it in others, free from judgement or jealousy or other negative and base emotions. We’ll all have these moments from time to time, but for most of us this is few and far between and we don’t really identify it for what it is.

However, it isn’t meant to be this way. As a society, we have been conditioned to be disconnected from this truth. We live in a world which is very sepetarist – we are encouraged to see ourselves as seperate from others through gender, sexuality, race, politics, and socio-economic groups. This division is furthered through our consumption of both mainstream and social media, which can encourage a false sense of what is percieved as good, healthy, or beautiful. We’re all divided. So if we’re all divided, how the fuck are we supposed to recognise a one true source of all our energy? it’s counter-intuitive to everything we have been conditioned to believe in.

In addition to this, our current society cuts us off from the source through modern day distractions – everything from over-consumption of social media or TV, to consumer culture, to being encouraged to focus solely on a specific and very linear life track (career, marriage etc), to going out and getting blind drunk every weekend – distracts us and takes us away from paying attention to our spirit.

Of course, to cut ourselves off from the modern world completely and go live in a hut in the middle of the forest with electricity isn’t always the answer. It might be right for some, but for most of us, it’s a bit extreme. The good news is, you can still find ways to consistently connect to this energy more without giving up your Netflix and Instagram accounts. Today i want to share with you some key ways that you can reconnect with that energy and feel more inspired, creative and enlightened.

1.Connect with nature.

Recently I recorded a podcast about how spirituality and sustainability are connected, which I will link to once it’s live. Essentially what it boils down to is – source energy IS nature. It is within nature. So to connect with nature is a surefire way to feel connected and at ease with your place in the universe again. There are so many ways this can be done – walking or running in the countryside, going to the beach, hiking, watching the sunrise or the sunset, camping in the woods. Even simply sunbathing in the park or in your garden can connect you back to that energy. Many people in spiritual circles talk of ‘grounding’, which is when you walk barefoot to connect yourself with the earth. This helps with both your root chakra – which is connected to your roots and earth energy, and with your crown chakra – which is connected to your higher self. The energy is both grounding and also allows us to feel the true magic of that source energy.

2. Meditate.

Obviously, I could not compose this list and NOT talk about meditation. The list of benefits of meditation are endless anyway, and although meditation was founded in spiritual circles, it has now completely transended that, as it’s mental and emotional benefits are recognised by doctors and psychiatrists. Meditation can reduce stress, help prevent diseases and can help manage mental issues for many. In addition to this, a regular meditation practise can help connect you to your inner self, and to your higher self. It can ignite your creativity and open up that channel between you and source energy.

The thing is, whilst some people feel instant benefits from meditation, I often don’t. i have had some incredible experiences from one session, but most of the time I don’t notice the difference until I meditate for a while, and then end up comparing that with how different I feel when I haven’t meditated for a while. When I don’t meditate, I notice a real block. I often feel down, depressed, and much more anxious. I also tend to overthink more and have zero creativity or inspiration.

However, when I have meditated for a few days on the trot, I get way more creative ideas. I’m more open and loving with my friends and my partner. I have more clarity in situations and when I’m in situations I don’t like, I can see it for what it is rather than having preconceived notions clouding my judgement. I still overthink things but way less, and can go beyond thought to a place of truth more easily.

Meditation is easy to start, but can be hard to maintain. I recommend using an app such as Headspace to get started to guide you and help get into a rhythm, before branching out and exploring other meditation techniques. Headspace is also a great app if you’re not really looking for a spiritual meditation practise, but still want the benefits that come from cultivating awareness through meditation.

3. Movement

Moving your body is SO important to be able to cultivate awareness and connection to source energy. When we are still, we are stagnant. Do you feel inspired after you’ve been sitting down all day, every day? Our bodies are our vessels for human consciousness, so to move them is to allow more energy to flow freely through this vessel.

Many people find yoga (asanas) of great benefit, and in many circles yoga is known as a ‘moving meditation’, but in reality it doesn’t matter what you do – any movement is good. It could be yoga, or dance, or running, or mountain biking, etc etc. Generally, exercising outside or in a supportive environment will always help. Sometimes working out in a sweaty and dark gym with a competitive atmosphere can be less beneficial mentally, but this doesn’t mean you should sack off the gym if you enjoy it and that’s what works for you. It’s just good to get moving even if that is simply through a brisk walk.

4. Pranayama

Pranayama means breathing exercises. It’s exact translation from sanskrit is literally breath control. In yogic beliefs prana, aka breath, is our essential life force. By practicing breathing techniques we can invigorate our body and our mind through controlling this life force. And this can further lead to connecting to our higher selves. There are so many different techniques that can be beneficial, and many of these are making their ways out of the yoga retreats and into the mainstream, just as asana did before it. Have a look on the internet and on youtube at different breathing techniques and practise the ones that you feel will benefit you most with the current situation you are in right now.

5. Diet

It seems crazy that what we eat could affect how we feel spirtually, but actually, it makes so much sense. For millenia certain sectors of almost every religious group have practised fasting to bring themselves closer to God.

Now, I’m not suggesting restricting food to cultivate higher awareness. However, I’m instead going to make a small jump and suggests that it’s not simply a lack of food that can help us life our vibration, but also the types of food. It makes so much sense that eating refined, sugary and processed food is going to dull our senses and shut us off to our higher selves. THese foods make us physically sluggish and mentally cloudy. They are so unnatural and also addictive, and used as a crutch when we feel down. On the other hand, if we instead prioritise a diet that is rich in nutrients, varied, and full of natural foods like fruit, veg and whole grains, then we will find it easier to connect with the source. Energetically we will feel more excited for life and will feel lighter, so will find it easier to get to that place.

This doesn’t mean you can never eat something unhealthy, or not drink alcohol, or whatever. You can still do those things. But if your diet is unhealthy and you are wondering why you feel so disconnected and out of it and just not yourself mentally or spiritually, then looking at what you’re consuming is a great place to start.

6. Surround yourself with the RIGHT people

This is possibly one of the hardest ones for most people. Even harder than having a diet overhall is having a friend overhall. Thankfully, for many of us, it won’t come to that.

There’s a misconception that to be super spiritual and to connect to a higher plane you have to totally isolate yourself and be in silence. Whilst it’s true that solitude can be really healthy from time to time, and it is important to learn to be comfortable in our own company (especially in this day and age where we are ALWAYS connected. If we are on our own we still distract ourselves from the silence through social media and TV), it doesn’t mean you have to be in silence to connect with the source.

Having said that, it’s important to make sure you are hanging out with the right people – people who align with your core values. People who make you laugh, but also support you in everything and listen to you and understand you, and people who you would do the same for.

It’s so easy through circumstance to end up hanging out with people who are really divorced from our own core values, and sometimes we can’t even see the true effect this has. People who bitch and moan a lot which brings our energetic frequency down, people who gossip, people who aren’t supportive of us, people who actually we can’t trust. We end up with these people because we’ve known them forever, or we were friends at uni, or from work, or whatever it may be. But sometimes it’s important to cut the cord and know when actually a friendship is no longer serving us. By surrounding ourselves with people who make us FEEL good and align with our core values, we can lift ourselves up higher.

7. Create

The best way to connect to source is to connect with your creative energy. The ironic thing is, the times we usually feel super creative is when we are already in that place. The times we aren’t, we don’t feel that creative drive.

But like attracts like, and when we start creating and allowing those juices to flow, we can get more into the spirit of it and attract that energy. One way that recently allowed me to get into that energy was to buy a new notebook, go to the park (hello, getting involved with nature) and writing a list of all the things I’d like to blog about. I wasn’t actually writing any blog posts or anything like that, just writing a simple list. And at this point I only had one or two ideas. But once I started writing I couldn’t stop! Before I knew it, I had 20 things on my list. TWENTY!!! This blog post topic was one of them.

When you just start doing it, the flow starts. Since that day, I’ve written so much more in that notebook several times. Not just ideas but all sorts of musings. And that was only a couple of weeks ago.

For me, writing always works. I’m a writer through and through and it’s my main way to express myself creatively. But maybe for you it would be painting, drawing, designing and making clothes, vlogging, photographing, woodwork, cooking a new recipe… the list goes on. Even with any of these things, writing a list may still help. Or simply picking up the camera or the dusting off the sowing machine. Whatever could help you ignite that fire within.

So there you go guys. Those are just a few ways to connect with Source, and ways that have proven themselves time and again for me personally. I had a lot of source energy running through me as I wrote this and I’m hoping that passion will come through and inspire you also.

If you have YOUR OWN methods of connecting to that Source energy, I would LOVE to know what they are! Please comment in the comments section below!