About Me

Hi, my name’s Beth. I’m a British girl currently travelling the world. I have a passion for many things: yoga, food, art, and above all life. I have a huge zest for life and desire to live life to the fullest, something I want to share with my readers.

I grew up in a small village in Oxfordshire, and whilst I had a great upbringing, I always had a desire for more. I wanted to explore and travel from a young age. When I was 18 I left home to study Journalism at Cardiff. I loved living on my own, studying something I wanted to pursue, and living in a city where everything was on my doorstep. Yet, it was never enough.

I graduated in July 2014 with a 2.1 Degree. Most of my friends decided to pursue careers, post-graduate courses, or internships. I instead worked at my part time job in the summer and left on a one-way flight to Bangkok in September, on a mission to quench my first for travel, and hopefully learn new things along the way.

I will not lie, I was terrified. Despite my wish to travel, I was very scared of leaving the safety blanket of home. But I was more terrified of staying at home. I wasn’t sure entirely what I wanted to do with my life. I didn’t want to slog for years earning very little, whilst dreaming I had taken the opportunity to see the world. On top of this, sadly, my wishes to discover more about yoga, massage, photography, blogging, and many of the other things I had deep passions for, would be unfounded at home. This I knew. I needed to get out and be in an environment where I could truly explore what I wanted, without giving into the Status-Quo.

This Blog

This blog is all about my adventures. It’s about travel and will offer travel tips and posts on places I’ve been. But it is not just a travel blog. In truth, it’s a lifestyle blog. A place I, as a writer, and you, as a reader, can explore ideas on fitness, health, yoga, sprituality, self-love, and facing fears. This is a blog which is designed to empower females (although men are welcome to enjoy everything this blog has to offer too!). It’s also a place I wish to preach about the most important thing in life: Balance.


You may here me talk a lot about balance. It’s the one thing I believe is truly important in life. The thing that can make us be happy, content, honest, and real. Balance between indulgence and restriction. Balance between work and play. Everything in life comes down to balance and I am on a personal journey to seek out how balance plays into our lives and how to strike the balance, and I want to share that on this blog.

Why International Playgirl?

International Playgirls are women who love to travel. They are women who are playful and powerful and like to live life on a big scale. Need I say more?